The panel builders' market declined reflecting the competitive performance of a number of product and end user groups.

Increase in technical and other Overhead

There is a risk that total contract costs will exceed those we originally estimated and the margin will decrease or the long-term construction-type contract may become unprofitable.


Most startups fail because of a bad idea or poor execution management. The biggest reason most of the company do that is that they don't pay enough attention to users.

Purchase Management of the Right Product

Poor technology purchasing happens when a company buys products that do not properly meet their requirements.The infrequent nature of these types of purchases is the root cause of the problem.


As the current Market situation is much more competitive , it is always good to have a control over your monthly technical overhead.

We provide complete design , engineering , costing , purchase management , execution , testing & commissioning service to our valued customers all around as and when necessary basis. We would specially like to mention that all the above solutions are given in a very positive , timely and professional manner.

Price is an important factor when selecting your controls partner. When you combine it with Quality, Service and Experience, the result is value. With our purchasing power and experience, we understand how to maximize value for our customers. Ask us and we will be glad to show you how.