pcc panel

We offer a wide range of PCC Panel ( Power Control Center Panel). our panels are available in diverse specifications and can be customized according to the needs of the clients and successfully meet the industry demands. Our PCC panels are designed in conformation with set quality norms and are used in wide array of industrial applications. PCC Panels, which we fabricate, offer durability and high performance without any maintenance. Further, we ensure that these PCC panels reach the client's destination without in a safe and protective manner.

PDB Panel

We are engaged in manufacturing of qualitative Power Distribution Board. These integrated are available in numerous sizes and specifications for catering varied requirements of load. Due to high quality raw material used in their construction, our electric panels are known for their performance, reliability and durability Power Distribution Board consists of Main Incomer of 250A/400A/630A etc up to 2500A or 4000A with metering and indications and various numbers of outgoing feeders of different ratings. Provision of ALPHA TECHNO Electrotal / Vertical Busbars of adequate rating and suitable cable alleys so as to terminate the cables from top/bottom side.

Auto Mains Failure

We manufacture a wide range of AMF (Auto Mains Failure) panels. These are incorporated automatic engine start- stop and changeover the power source. Our panels are made with electronic controller, relays & contactor logic. Our panels are also customized as per the requirement of the customers. These panels are available with several functions and timers that enhance their functioning capacity.

APFC Panel

We offer a range of high performance automatic power factor correction control panel that are produced with adherence with standards. Our panel is fabricated using high grade components and sophisticated technology. This panel is provided with banking pattern that helps to improve the desired power factor for all kinds of loads and automatic control switch that controls the load power factor by sensing various available parameters. The contactors that are used in the capacitor bank circuits are appropriate for capacitor switching duty, which can withstand large transient current peaks at high frequencies. These contactors boast of an operational life of 1 00, 000 switching conditions. We also offer the thyristor module base APFC Panle.For each capacitor step, we provide three phases high rapture capacity fuses. The fuses are designed as per the principles of modern industrial design with current limiting capacity of 100 ka. We have wide range of APFC panels with 6 stage, 8 stage, 14 stage controllers, panels are available.

VFD Panel

We are one of the premier organizations engaged in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of Variable Frequency Panels (VFD), and SOFT Starter Panels. These panels, also known as digital VFD drives, play an important function in VFD squirrel cage induction and in motor control applications. Our expert professionals stringently test these on various parameters to ensure nothing but the best is supplied to the clients. We are offering these VFD panels in various specifications and are effectively used in various industrial applications. Our quality analyst test these on defined quality parameters, to ensure these are in compliance with the defined quality standards

AC Drive

MCC Panel

We offer a comprehensive range of MCC panels that offer solutions to the requirements of a large number of industries. These panels are designed for distribution of power, main incoming and motor control panels. The construction of the panels are made with user friendly features. These ergonomically designed panels are featured with, with draw out and non draw out design. We also have cubical panels based on application and the customer's specification. The quality of the panels complies with international parameters and offer total customer satisfaction.

Relay Control Panel

We manufacture control and relay panels of Generator, Transformer and Feeder Protection, which is innovative and is available in different models as per our client requirements. Our panels are available in a range from 6.6KV to 66KV. We use latest controller and protection relays for reliable and durable solution. We give total package for power management by single step.

LDB Panel

We are engaged in manufacturing of qualitative Lighting Distribution Board. These integrated panels are available in numerous sizes and specifications for catering varied requirements of lighting in office & industries. Our LDB consist of three basic components such as main breaker, main GFI (Ground-fault Interrupter) and (MCB) or the breakers for controlling the various lines of lighting. In addition to these, our clients can also avail other components according to their requirements. Due to high quality raw material used in their construction, our electric panels are known for their performance, reliability and durability.

Feeder Piller

Our exclusive range of feeder pillars have achieved appreciation in the domestic market for superior quality standards as is gauged by repeat orders from existing clients and fresh ones form new clients. These feeder pillars designed with the aid of our cutting edge technology are widely used across numerous industries for rigid construction, optimum performance and high efficiency.


We manufacture highly efficient LT bus duct with a capacity up to 690V. This is offered with both indoor and outdoor construction with IP42/55 degree of protection. The types of bus duct are offered in Aluminium and copper based and manufactured as per the International Standards. The metal enclosed bus systems are based on design parameters and service conditions as per the application of bus ducts which follows:
*Non-segregated / segregated / Isolated phase, cross over chamber, vertical / horizontal
*Bus-duct calculation for designing carrying conductor, heating effects, thermal effects, electro dynamic force, Voltage drop.
*Skin & proximity effects in the terms of bus bar reactant, etc.

PLC Panel

We offer Programmable Logic Control Panels that are manufactured and designed to meet the requirements of various turnkey process plants. These panels perfect to schedule and execute of programmable logical control (PLC) and can be interfaced with PLC for auto operations. These precision engineered panels are appreciated by the clients for meeting the exact demands of automation. We are providing PLC, HMI, SCADA with software development

Control Desk

We are engaged in manufacturing of qualitative Control Desk. These integrated panels are available in numerous sizes and specifications for catering varied requirements of industries.
Application Area:Control rooms, synchronizing panels, DCS systems, Process control rooms, Automation centers, Educational consoles / equipments, Mimic displays, CNC retrofitting enclosures / desk, Control Panel Enclosures, Analyzer Systems.

HT VCB Panel

We offer VCB Indoor Panel. We are instrumental in offering a wide range of 11/33 kv vcb indoor panel, which is suitable for medium voltage applications and indoor installation. These vacuum circuit breaker (vcb) indoor panels are durable and offer excellent performance. These panels are designed for use in 11kv/33kv systems and can be operated manually or with the help of a motor.


We are engaged in manufacturing of qualitative LCS & JB. These integrated panels are available in numerous sizes and specifications for catering varied requirements of Commercial Building & Industries.

Synchronizing panels

We are specially designing and developing a wide range of Auto Synchronizing panels. We manufacture Relay based as well as PLC based synchronizing panels as per our customers' requirement. In relay base Synchronizing panel we use a control & protection relay of leading company Woodward USA. Our panels are use for Alternator synchronizing between various Diesel Generator sets, Gas Generator sets, and Turbine generator sets. And also use for entire power system synchronization with Grid as well. Our panels are use in both LT & HT System. These panels are fully automatic as well as manual provision also.