COMMON PROBLEMS OF domestic sector

Rise in Electricity oriented expenses

Today's high-technology society demands electricity to power nearly all new products that come to market.

Improper Earthing

If your home is improperly grounded or not grounded at all, then you run the risk of many potentially dangerous problems.

Lack of Conception regarding Electricity

The wiring inside many houses is also out of date, straining to supply our ever-growing collection of electricity-hungry appliances, lighting, and electronics.

Casual Trouble

Increased risk of electrocution in wet areas, such as baths and kitchens.


Don't take the risk. No matter how old your home is, you should consider having an electrical safety assessment on a regular basis in order to identify any potential or existing problems that could lead to an unsafe situation. This important step in home maintenance can keep you and your family safe for years to come.

Our professional staff is here to answer any questions you may have about our company or our services. Whether you're looking to add additional circuits, upgrade your existing service, or check the safety of your home electrical system, Local Electrical Services can provide it to you at prices you can afford. We give estimates,

We also provide Electrical Design , Lay Out and necessary technical support for the owner / promoter , going for a new construction.